Image Show GK4 - gk_creativity style

In the Image Show GK4 gk_creativity style you can specify the following parameters:

  • pagination display
  • title animation type
  • text animation type
  • background animation type
  • animation type and interval
  • thumbnails parameters (if generation of the thumbnails is enabled)

You can use the background color instead of background image - you have to just specify as image the hex color value i.e. #abc123


For every slide you can use differen text and title animations - you have to specify the animation using the following syntax:

[anim-TYPE]Slide title

The same syntax can be used in the slide text. Additionally for the better title readability you can put the animation type specification at the end of the title:

Slide title[anim-TYPE]

Available animation types:

  • [anim-none] - useful for static texts
  • [anim-opacity]
  • [anim-slide_vertical]
  • [anim-slide_left]
  • [anim-slide_right]
  • [anim-scale]
  • [anim-skew_left]
  • [anim-skew_right]
  • [anim-rotate_x_center]
  • [anim-rotate_x_top]
  • [anim-rotate_x_bottom]
  • [anim-rotate_y_center]
  • [anim-rotate_y_left]
  • [anim-rotate_y_right]

Additionally you can combine few animaton types into one:

[anim-slide_left rotate_x_center]


In the text and titles you can put the Font Awesome icons using the following syntax:

  • [icon-refresh] - puts icon using the text font-size.
  • [icon-refresh,32] - puts icon using specified font-size
  • [icon-refresh,spin] - puts icon with specified animation
  • [icon-refresh,32,spin] - puts icon with specified font-size and animation

Available icon animations:

  • spin - rotate animation
  • pulseanim - scale animation
  • flickeranim - rotate animation on the limited angles (-30deg - 30deg)
  • wibrateanim1 - continous wibrate animation
  • wibrateanim2 - short wibrate animation

Bottom link

You can specify the text of the bottom link:


In the above case you can specify your own text. If the own text is not specified, then the language file text will be used.

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